Commodore – the pride of Opel

Six cylinder engine, 150 BHP and nearly 200 km/h max speed at the end of the sixties. The description sounds similar to one of the sports cars of those days. But actually it is Opel "Commodore" that ... Continue

Laura Ikauniece-Admidiņa chooses DBC!

One of the most decorated Latvian track and field athletes Laura Ikauniece-Admidiņa choses DBC Autocentrs to look after her car. For her achievements on the track and field arenas and promotion of ... Continue

DBC Autocentrs participates in women’s rally

On the 4th of March, in warm spring weather annual Women's Day Rally took place where elegant ladies from DBC Autocentrs were among the participants. During the Women's Day Rally, our ladies had to... Continue