Commodore - the pride of Opel

Six cylinder engine, 150 BHP and nearly 200 km/h max speed at the end of the sixties. The description sounds similar to one of the sports cars of those days. But actually it is Opel “Commodore” that nowadays has become a rare and desirable automobile.

The first generation Opel “Commodore” was manufactured from 1967 to 1971 as successor of the massively successful “Rekord” model. More than 150000 cars rolled of a conveyor. But up until this day, less than 50 known cars of “Commodore” Mk1 have remained. DBC body repair masters will have the honour to repaint car in it’s former glory!

Opel didn’t quite have the reputation of building cars that were really quick, or exciting by any means. But “Commodore” showed that they can do it. Market research suggested that competitors had higher sales numbers due to their success in motorsports. “Commodore GS/E” specification was quite competitive in touring car series.

The first generation “Commodore” was equipped with 2,2L, 2,5L or 2,8L six cylinder engines. But the most popular and most respected amongst car enthusiasts was the 1970 “Commodore GS/E” with with Bosch D-jetronic fuel injection system developing 150 BHP, 10 more than Porsche “911”. With relatively low 1250 kg curb weight it was very dynamic automobile.